Weight loss products are in high demand, as 67 percent of Americans are trying to lose extra pounds. Almost everyone wants to get in shape, but it is hard to stick to the plan.

Every company out there is trying to put out their own supplements. This makes it hard to find a reputable supplement that is truly effective and safe, versus a fake, unproven product.

7. General Truths About Weight Loss and Muscle Building

Build lean muscle

Diet and lifestyle are the most important parts of weight loss. But many feel the need to have a little boost to make the weight loss go faster.

Even with these boosters, whether it be herbs, spices, or amino acids, it will work faster when you restrict sugars, trans fats, and simple carbs.

Here is a list of the safest and most effective products that can assist with losing weight and help to build muscle at the same time.

6. Amino Acids for Weight Loss

Amino Acids

There are two types of amino acids, essential amino acids (EAA), and branch chained amino acids (BCAA), which can both help with weight loss and build muscle. Supplementing with whey protein plus the EAAs can help you lose more weight, but not build muscle. BCAAs will help you maintain muscle.

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